About the Resort

Here are the facts:

The Hacienda Resort Club was establised in the year 2002. Just 3 regular size rooms. Air Conditioned with no blackouts. Very nice – in-room casual comfort recently upgraded… terrace area with sofa, a bar, billiard table, shower area, a private pool and wide parking area. All across the road from the well-known Matabungkay Beach, Lian, Batangas, Philippines.

About Matabungkay:

The beach of Matabungkay in Lian, Batangas has been a tourist destination since the 1960s. With its striking sunset and two-kilometer stretch of fine sand facing the South China Sea, visitors have made it a popular summer vacation spot, one of the more accessible venues from Metro Manila.

Matabungkay’s beaches are also lined with a multitude of balsa or bamboo covered rafts so those who venture out to sea on a bright, sunny (and definitely hot) day can relax in its shade.

There are lots or things to do and places to explore in Matabungkay. Sea sports like fishing from reefs, beachcombing, or action sports like wave riding, tubing, jet skis, paddle boats, and kayaking. Souvenirs are plentiful and with many shops selling all type of imported fashionable goods. There are also numerous restaurants and bars up and down the beach to enjoy. Golf is available nearby.


Currency used in the Island, like in the rest of the Philippines, is the Philippine peso. Exchange rate is approximately 45 Pesos to one US dollar. Foreign exchange services are available on the Island.


Power supply is 220 volts/60 cycles.


In addition to Tagalog and other local dialects, English is widely spoken.

Moving Around:

The best way to travel in the Island is on foot, especially while exploring the white beach. If you need to go inland and/or travel some distance, jeepney and tricycle rides are available. And if you need to go to a Fast Food Chain, you can reach them at nearby towns like Balayan, Lian and Nasugbu. Vans with drivers may be hired for those wishing to go further afield.


The religion in the Philippines, including Matabungkay, is predominantly Roman Catholic. Holy Mass are conducted regularly by a parish priest in the Barangay Chapel.